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Amanda has over 20 years’ experience practicing exclusively in the area of family law litigation at two prominent litigation firms in Ottawa.

Amanda is highly proficient in representing clients in custody, access and parenting matters, as well as property division, spousal support and child support claims.

The human aspect of practicing Family Law

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Amanda Hall, Partner

Tel:(613)366-7170 | Fax:(613)366-7560

Assistant: Norma Jennings
Phone: 613-366-7354

Experience Counts

As an advocate, Amanda has vast experience in litigation matters, representing clients at every step of the litigation process, including Case Conferences, Settlement Conferences, Motions, Examinations for Discovery, Trials and Appeals.

Amanda obtained her law degree from Dalhousie University in 2000. She was called to the Newfoundland and Labrador Bar in her hometown of St. John’s in 2001. She enjoyed the Bar Admissions process so much that she repeated it all less than a year later and was called to Ontario Bar in 2002.

Amanda approaches files in a client-focused manner, with an emphasis on crafting efficient, creative, and cost-effective solutions to the legal problems that result from a family separation. She takes great pride in providing practical legal advice about all options available to separating spouses, including alternate dispute resolution methods such as mediation and arbitration. Amanda has extensive experience representing clients in the courtroom as well as in private mediation and arbitrations. She is dedicated to helping clients understand and protect their rights, whether resolutions are reached by agreements outside out court or through litigation. Amanda’s skills also include negotiating, drafting and reviewing all forms of domestic contracts including Separation Agreements, Parenting Agreements, Cohabitation Agreements and Marriage Contracts.

Amanda particularly enjoys the human aspect of practicing Family Law, including the opportunity to assist clients at a time in their lives when they are making significant changes for themselves and their children. She prides herself in being approachable, thorough, compassionate and dedicated.

Amanda is an Orleans resident and outside of work, she can be found with her husband attempting to keep up with their two children or behind a camera documenting every wonderful moment with them.

Amanda is a dog lover. In 2019 her family expanded by adding “Kona” – a Cane Corso / Italian Mastiff who is now rather massive at 125+ pounds and has the entire family wrapped around her giant paws.

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