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Our construction law team is headed by Jonathan Richardson, who has over 10 years of construction law experience in Ottawa and throughout Eastern Ontario.
He works closely with Victoria Boddy, who has over 7 years of construction law experience. Together, our construction law team has represented builders, contractors and trades in registering their construction liens and homeowners in defending against construction liens.

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Our lawyers work with you to understand the legal issues you are facing, identify your legal options and determine a litigation strategy that allows you to achieve the most advantageous resolution possible for you.

Richardson Hall LLP works with all individuals involved in the construction process. We act for individuals and families who have had had liens registered against their homes or other concerns with trades they have hired. We act for trades who have found themselves unpaid or removed from job sites. We also act for home builders and general contractors building developments and condominiums with the construction related disputes.

Richardson Hall has also been involved in disputes involving Tarion and the construction of new homes. The lawyers of Richardson Hall have acted for both homeowners and builders at the License Appeal Tribunal and have acted for homebuilders in the Builder Arbitration Forum.

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Speak to our construction litigation lawyers at your earliest opportunity to ensure that your rights are not lost. Contact our lawyers online or call us at (613) 366-7511 to arrange a consultation.

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While construction disputes revolve around money there is always an emotional component to construction litigation as well. Homeowners are emotionally invested in the quality and attractiveness of their homes and can be despondent at what they perceive to be poor workmanship. Trades may bristle at allegations of poor workmanship whether by homeowners or general contractors. This personal component of construction litigation can move these disputes beyond the financial.

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Richardson Hall recognizes the emotional nature of construction disputes and works to keep all parties focused on an end resolution as opposed to the emotional conflict. Richardson Hall is experienced at keeping the personal conflict out of the professional dispute. This enables all parties to resolve disputes more efficiently and with greater satisfaction at the process and the result.

“Ethics is knowing the difference between what you have a right to do and what is right to do."

Potter Stewart

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our professional Construction Law services

Construction litigation can be time-sensitive with short deadlines in which to register your claim, bring your claim or commence adjudication.

We can Assist You in the following matters

Construction Act

Richardson Hall is current with recent changes to the Construction Act and can ensure that your contracts are in compliance and adhere to the new standards of adjudication

Unpaid Trades

Richardson Hall works with trades who have been unpaid whether by homeowners or other contractors to ensure their rights are preserved and funds flow appropriately


Richardson Hall will work with trades in the adjudication process to ensure prompt payment

Dispute Resolutions

Richardson Hall has acted for both homeowners who have been in disputes with their trades as well as trades who have found themselves unpaid by homeowners.

These disputes can be quite personal to the individuals involved and we recognize the personal component such litigation can take. Richardson Hall works to keep everyone focused on the goal of a resolution and to try and keep emotions minimized in these disputes.


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